No business can survive without customer

In the business industry, knowing who is your customer has it’s utmost importance. Without resources businesses are likely to survive, but without customers, no business that is expected to remain and sustain in the market. As part of our series courses, I have learnt how useful customers are and how useful is to target their needs and frustrations as well. Below are some of the most impressive covered topics.

Becoming an entrepreneurship course is a well designed course. For instance, if you stare at how the course is sequenced and ordered it, you realize the fact. Keeping the spirit up, you really enjoy the contents of this course. So, how do you understand your customers and explore their needs and meet beyond their expectations? here are some of the ways to think that everyone is not your customer so that you don’t need to spend most your valuable time and resources on them because they amount you nothing at all.

Market Research

By conducting market research, you will know how some successful businesses managed the power of customers. Customers are apparent power and without them, businesses are nothing. One of the secrets of successful businesses is satisfying customers needs and having them around your businesses’s gate without willingness to leave. This work of making customers not to leave your business is not an automated work. It takes time and requires sacrifices of money and time. Once you come up with your idea, you need to investigate who are the customers of your business idea. In where are they found and so on. The main objective of carrying out a market research is to target your customers and serve them ever before. Interview is the most important one to start with when conducting market research because you directly have a sit with them and therefore, you can read everything from their faces.

Choosing a customer

After a while of making researches, surveying and interviewing customers, at this stage you really need to be energetic and pick the right customers of your business idea. You targeted many customers but now you filter them and pick out those who you found them fit your idea and be a customer for you as well.

Customer persona

Fore me, one of the most newest and interesting topics ever read was customer persona. Customer persona is known as the exact customer of your idea. For this reason, you need to spend some time on by focusing and considering them in detail. At this point, as the name implies you are required to fully know who is your customer, where is he, where does he or she works, what is your customer’s frustrations and needs and so many others to consider.

Conclusion remarks

Having the mindset of creating businesses and innovating new productive ideas is the dream of everyone specially, the Somali community. As Somali youths, what is done is done. We can not go back and undo them. Let us be innovators, entrepreneurs, critical thinkers and problem solvers. Let us come with short term and long term solutions to our country. Let us create businesses that will lead toward a prosperous life, nation and people, too. Therefore, if we are planning to shape the new Somalia, let us hug and shake hands and stand behind one another so that together we can achieve. Get ready and expect change because changes are inevitable. Joining this course was a milestone decision. I am seeing changes in my life in advance.

Thank You.

Best wishes on our next careers!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Opportunities are not seen with the eyes, they are seen with the minds”

The world is handing us lifetime opportunities everyday. They are already there, but who can see?. Great opportunities are not seen with your bare eyes they are seen with your minds.

In my second week on entreneurship, I have learnt how to identify opportunities. Below are things that have been covered under that topic:

1. How to identify an opportunity turning every disaster into an opportunity is not simple but yet I bet you can do it, how? Please have a look at the following points.

  • List your own frustrations– listing your needs and wants are important. Are your needs being satisfied or not? Then from here you can develop an opportunity and recognize where there is a need.
  • Reconsider the current situation– look at the market and how people are served. Are there some group of people who are undeserved?. For instance, if males were served nicely, consider the female.
  • Listen to customers– by listening your customers you can impressively understand their needs. Be kind, grateful and good to them. Through this way they will tell you everything. Sometimes you can read reviews where customers write their opinions about your services or products.
  • Consider problems in the community– start from where you live now, what do the people need but can’t have it.
  • Have a look at global issues- what are the things that globally matter? Poverty, terrorist, tribalism, corruption, conflict of interests, diseases, politics and so on.
  • Getting motivations from great start-ups-There are many ways in which opportunities are found. You can find them through inspiration from great business start ups and so on. The only wrong approach is to wait the perfect idea to come to you.

2. Creativity Exercises-

Like our muscles, our brains are in need to exercising. Like our muscles, our brains strentches and shrinks. They strentch by exercising alot. Under this topic some few marvelous concepts were delivered. Creativity exercises allow you to think critically as fast as possible. Here are some of the creativity exercises:

  • Two words- This is to randomly choose two words from a website or a book whatsoever. This 2 words will form the name of your company. You think of two words and then put them together quickly and think about what the two words mean and how do they make company and what offer can you give your customers.
  • Mind mapping
  • Brainstorming
  • Brick test- by bearing in mind the use of a brick. Think about other alternative uses of brick or anything else within one minute.

3. Teaming

Lastly, I have learnt how powerful teaming is. Teaming is all about the relationship. Relationship is sensitive and sometimes it is critical to manage. The same is true in businesses. There are tensions and emotions between co-founders. As taught in the course, 65% of small business fail due to ” people failure” while only 35% fail due to funding, customers and product development. Team is one of the most important in starting a business. Loving what you do and willing to do what you are working on has also its utmost importance.

Therefore, in order to solve these interpersonal challenges the following approaches are helpful:

Design– think about the right and complementary co-founder.

Launch- set expectations and norms. What are you expecting as a team? What are behaviors, habits and norms?

Process– What is the process you have to follow if conflicts arise? How are you going to solve problems related to the norms and expectations you set before.

Lastly, the prior entreneurship class was really amazing and was filled with new concepts and experiences. Am now having the confidence to find all opportunities aroud me those beyond and think about their solutions.



The journey is promising!!

It’s not easy to make decisions about your life and future. You don’t know to where decisions may lead you. Some decisions are painful and hurtful while some others are fruitful and promising.

Days ago, I took a bravery decision towards learning a new skill and knowledge. Earning a degree does not prepare anyone to a succesful, happier and wealthier life, but skills does it.

In order to perform well and equip my self with one of the most in-demanded skills in the market, I have applied a course facilitated by institute of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship- IITE

In my first week at the beginning of this course I was filled with joy because I am sure it will lead us toward self confidence, self employment and financial independence as well.

Becoming an entrepreneur was the title of the first course. It was a fascinating course, offered by high qualified institute, practiced in a well designed educational platform(Edx in partnership with SIMAD University) by using verified contents from prestigious universities around the globe including Havard, MIT and Delff University.

Things that I used to say were challenges of being an entrepreneur is considered as myths of entrepreneurship such as funding challenges or limitations, looking for the perfect idea, the need for more experience and so on.

Furthermore, one thing that made me surprise was like for starting a business less experience can be a good thing.

Lastly and to sum up, entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunities beyond resources controlled. It is not how many resources you have, but how resourceful you are.